Published on 6 October 2020

Crif - Francis Kalifat met the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates

The President of Crif, Francis Kalifat, was received by the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates for a first contact and an overview.

Francis Kalifat first presented Ambassador Ali Abdulla Al Ahmed an overview of the French Jewish Community, its concerns and hopes, and answered the Ambassador's questions.

The Ambassador presented the Emirates, a young and extremely dynamic country open to cosmopolitan cultures. He especially commented on the normalization treaty signed with Israel, expressing his hopes and those of all the youth of his country who see it as the source of many opportunities.

The Ambassador shared his analysis based on international surveys and expressed the wish to see the normalization movement with Israel quickly followed by other Arab countries.

The Ambassador also revealed his recent curiosity and strong interest in Israeli history and culture.

Francis Kalifat was accompanied by Yonathan Arfi, Crif vice-President and Robert Ejnes, Crif Executive Director. The Ambassador was accompanied by the Deputy Head of Mission, Mohamed Alsahlawi.