Published on 8 September 2015

CRIF: Internet whistleblower

The video which featured a French jihadist willing to "blow up Paris Bruxelles train" was removed from Facebook.

Last June, CRIF’s digital cell as part of its work with Internet companies on the fight against anti-Semitism flagged a video dating back to February 2015. This video promoted terrorism and incitement to violence. It displayed a French jihadist in Syria who threaten to "blow the Paris Brussels".
Despite CRIF’s alert, Facebook initially refused to remove this video as, they said, this video was not going against its “terms and conditions”.
CRIF, receiving, centralizing and expertizing hundreds of reports, each and every month, was fully aware of the danger and illegality of the video content. 
CRIF contacted the Interministerial Delegation against Racism and Antisemitism (DILCRA) to bypass the initial refusal of the US site and prevent the view of this video by Internet users.
The video was finally removed after few days of energetic intervention by the public services, alerted by the CRIF.