Published on 25 January 2015

CRIF makes specific requests to the President of the Republic and the Government


Since last Sunday, Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF, has had major political meetings. He met with President of the Republic François Hollande; Prime Minister Manuel Valls; Ministers such as Bernard Cazeneuve, Christiane Taubira, Laurent Fabius and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem; General Secretary of the Social Party Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, President of the UMP Nicolas Sarkozy, President of UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde. He made specific requests, in the context of the war against jihadist terrorism.

Ministry of the Interior

- Protect all Jewish sites in France, including synagogues and schools by mobilizing the army if necessary

- Protect with a visible presence Jewish neighborhoods in France.

- Forbid the appointment of terrorists as City honorary citizen or give places/streets the name of a terrorist convicted in a democratic country

Ministry of Justice

- Return of jihadists in France : withdraw the French nationality and expel bi-national perpetrators of French territory ; use preventive detention and bracelet to monitor French jihadists ; individuals convicted of terrorism should not be granted a reduction of sentence

- Remove racism and anti-Semitism of the press law to make it a criminal offense

- Publicize convictions for anti-Semitism, for educational purposes

- Act on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube) to effectively fight against the spread of terrorism and calls for anti-Semitism on the internet

- Prisons : fight against the development of radical Islamism in prisons.

Ministry of Education

- Educate the children to the “living together”, launch a civic morality program tailored for each class from kindergarten to last year of high school. Teach the fight against prejudice against religions and minorities,

- Ask for an audit on the state of public education in the suburbs

- Prevent and monitor deviations (like reactions to the minute of silence in the national day of mourning), with the development of educational resources for students and parents.

- Edict appropriate sanctions against any racist or anti-Semitic behavior in schools

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Resist to pressure of the "Gulf friendly countries" or electoral pressure to maintain the balance of friendship with the Israeli and the Palestinian. This balance was broken during the French vote in the Security Council. Maintain Western unity.

- Highlight the Islamist and jihadist nature of terrorism

Ministry of Culture

- Require moral and ethical counterparts when a public concession (like theater) is awarded


- Appoint a specialist of anti-Semitism in the Council of CNCDH, in agreement with the CRIF.


- Require strict compliance of laws for international channels and satellite broadcast