Published on 8 October 2020

Crif - Meeting with Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin

Right after Yom Kippur, Francis Kalifat went to the Ministry of the Interior for a working meeting and an overview of the concerns of French Jews with Gerald Darmanin.
Crif President first presented the institution and discussed current issues, in particular the safety of the Jewish Community around the Yom Kippur holiday. 
Francis Kalifat deeply discussed on the antisemitic issue in France. He explained to the Minister the concern of the French Jews living in the so-called "difficult suburbs", and the shared feeling of concern. He also expressed the unhappiness of many French Jews over the future of their children.
Regarding the filing of complaints for acts of antisemitism, which are the subject of the annual report of the Ministry of the Interior, Francis Kalifat explained why many victims do not file a complaint, out of a feeling of worthlessness or fear of reprisals; He presented the Online hate speech Observatory set up by Crif with IPSOS in 2019.
About the definition of antisemitism of the IHRA, Francis Kalifat explained at how and why the hatred of Israel replaced hatred of the Jew in some parts of the French population, especially on the extreme left. Considering that the Republic must react vigorously to reverse the trend, Francis Kalifat asked the Minister to enforce the law so that dissuasive sanctions are applied for acts of racism and antisemitism which poison all French society.
The Minister then commented on several points.
On the protection of synagogues, he recalled that he paid special attention to it, as evidenced by his recent visits to the Synagogue of Boulogne on the eve of Yom Kippur and to the Synagogue of Creteil on the morning of Yom Kippur. He recalled that he was in charge of the protection of more than 700 points including 300 in Ile de France and that he had given special instructions for the Yom Kippur and the Soucoth festivals.
Regarding antisemitism, which he considers part of the "savage" he denounces since taking office, he assured of his determination to fight it both in its physical and dematerialized expressions.
He finally outlined the mission he will have to lead for the preparation of a text on separatism.
Francis Kalifat was accompanied by Yonathan Arfi, Crif vice-President and Robert Ejnes, Crif Executive Director.
Louis-Xavier Thirode, Worship and Immigration Advisor at the Ministry of the Interior, also attended the interview.