Published on 8 October 2020

Crif - Meeting with Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti

Crif President Francis Kalifat met with Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti for an overview of the French Jewish Community.
Francis Kalifat first mentionned the rise in violent acts of antisemitism in recent years, insisting on the fact that the figures indicated, which correspond to registered complaints, only reflect a part of the acts perpetrated. Indeed, a large part of the victims, 80% of them, do not file a complaint (source: survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights). He also mentioned the rise of antisemitic hatred on social networks, not registered by the Ministry of the Interior datas.
President of Crif explained to the Minister that these expressions of hatred and violence could explain the internal exile of French Jews from "difficult neighborhoods" and the Alyah of families worried about the future of their children.
Francis Kalifat insisted on anti-Zionism, a new form of antisemitism, particularly conveyed by the BDS campaign to de-legitimize the State of Israel. These campaigns are illegal, but rarely condemned by the courts. Regarding the recent conviction of France by the European Court of Human Rights for the conviction of perpetrators of acts and calls to boycott Israel, the Minister assured that the doctrine of France in the matter had not changed and would be reaffirmed.
The Minister expressed his total commitment to the fight against antisemitism, in all its forms.
Francis Kalifat then expressed to the Minister his request to withdraw the remarks of an antisemitic, racist and more generally hate nature found on the Internet from the "Law of 1881 on the Press", to cancel the feeling of impunity and allow justice to condemn these expressions of hatred more quickly and firmly. The Minister wishes to lead a reflection on the subject.
Repeating to Éric Dupond-Moretti what he had previously already asked his predecessors, Francis Kalifat asked for a regular publication of the sentences pronounced against the perpetrators of antisemitic acts and comments.
On this subject, the Minister replied that the regular publication of the results of the judgments handed down was one of his short-term objectives, and that he should quickly give a favorable response to the request of the President of Crif.
Regarding large social networks and their responsibility, the Minister commented on the new bill on hatred on the Internet, and the criminal liability of leaders. It is a delicate subject under consideration.
Francis Kalifat also expressed to the Minister the concern and emotion of Sarah Halimi's family regarding the upcoming hearing in the Court of Cassation.
The Minister also assured Crif President of his personal interest for the Holocaust remembrance work.
Francis Kalifat was accompanied by Robert Ejnes, Crif Executive Director.