Published on 2 March 2020

Crif - What exactly does Crif?

Fighting antisemitism and hatred, preserving the Holocaust remembrance, fully supporting the State of Israel in its sustainability and in its security... Learn about the missions and actions of the Representative Council of Jewish institutions in France (Crif).

The 3 main missions of Crif

  • Crif is fully committed to the fight against antisemitism in France and around the world. More generally, Crif is mobilized against all hatred and discrimination. For Crif President Francis Kalifat, "each hatred must be treated with the same force, without hierarchy, but according to its specific characteristics."
  • Crif works for the Holocaust remembrance and fights against its delegitimization. Crif is also mobilized for the remembrance of other genocides and more generally against human rights abuses.
  • Crif expresses full solidarity with the State of Israel and unconditionally defends the Jewish State in its sustainability and in its security. Crif is obviously mobilized against all forms of delegitimization of the State of Israel. Crif does not take part in the Israeli political debate.

Teach and learn

Crif organized an important amount of eventsall year long. Through remembrance trips (Crif takes students, pupils, public and political figures to Auschwitz-Birkenau or Drancy several times a year), major commemorations, emblematic events such as the Crif National Convention in autumn and the Crif Dinner in March, but also meetings of public figures (political and cultural) with the members of the association Les Amis du Crif, Crif is committed to federate, inform, and transmit.
Crif also offers a collection of unpublished journals: Les Etudes du Crif. These are regular studies on subjects of history, society, memory, education or antisemitism. These studies are available online or in a printed version.

Digital communication

Daily, Crif manages a large community of more than 300,000 people on its social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). It offers various and original contents, using digital and technological tools. The management of the online community is very important for Crif which takes care to maintain a quality link.
Crif is involved on a meticulous work of moderation and reporting, in order to respond to the wide need to fight hatreds over the Internet.
Crif regularly meets with the managers of major Internet platforms. These meetings are an opportunity to alert them to the most sensitive subjects and to certain shortcomings about moderation. Thanks to these partnerships, Crif has privileged channels on social networks so that reports are processed more quickly.
Crif also has a solid communication tool, its daily newsletter, sent to more than 33,000 subscribers.
For the past year, Crif has been involved in the international digital network DigiTell which brings together experts from around the world on the fight against antisemitism and Israel delegitimization.
Crif has also developed its relationships with the digital departments of major Jewish institutions around the world in order to coordinate the work undertaken around common issues.