Published on 6 November 2020

"Dear readers" - Express yourself!

Comments, questions, propositions: your ideas on the articles in the Crif newsletter are welcome!

Dear readers,

On each of the articles offered in the Crif newsletter, you have the opportunity to share your feelings with us. Comments, questions, propositions: your ideas are welcome !

For many years now, we have taken care to establish with you, readers of Crif Newsletter, a frank and open dialogue on your expectations, your satisfactions and your disappointments with regard to the subjects proposed and the editorial treatments given to them.

We encourage you to continue to question us when it seems necessary and relevant to you. Your messages will allow us to have quality feedback from you and thus to adjust our editorial choices.

Get back to us using the e-mail address: specifying in the subject of your e-mail "Letters from the readers".

We can't wait to hear from you!