Published on 25 January 2015

Dieudonné glorifies terrorism


CRIF Press release, January 12 2015

Dieudonné: "I feel Charlie Coulibaly"
(Charlie is the name standing for “Charlie Hebdo” – Coulibaly is the name of the terrorist who killed one police officer and four Jews at Hypercasher grocery
Dieudonné said on his official Facebook page: "I feel Charlie Coulibaly." CRIF is constantly denouncing the persistent offender of hatred who few weeks ago shamefully mocked at the beheading of American hostage James Foley of Daesh.
CRIF welcomes an investigation opened for this justification of terrorism by the Paris prosecutor.
It calls on the authorities and all the theaters to not host Dieudonné, except to insult the memory of victims of the killings of Vincennes, Montrouge, Charlie Weekly and cursing all the French who yesterday protested in the cities of France.