Published on 27 August 2015

French prosecutor says train gunman had ‘terrorist intent’

An investigation into "attempted murder with terrorist intent" was opened.

Published in the Jewish Journal August 25, 2015
The Paris prosecutor on Tuesday dismissed a claim by the gunman disarmed by passengers on a train between Amsterdam and Paris that he had been planning a robbery, and opened an investigation into "attempted murder with terrorist intent."
Francois Molins dismissed as "far-fetched" Moroccan Ayoub el Khazzani's assertion that he had wanted to rob passengers on the high-speed train where he was wrestled to the ground by passengers, including two off-duty U.S. servicemen.
"Ayoub el Khazzani had watched whilst already on the Thalys train YouTube files in which an individual called on the faithful to fight and take up arms in the name of the Prophet," Molins told a news conference... Read more.