Published on 17 July 2015

Islamic State Ordered Failed Attack on France-Prosecutor

The attack was due to take place in January 2016 and included beheading

Reporting by Mark John, editing by Digby Lidstoneu, published in the New York Times July 17, 2015
A thwarted attack on a French naval site that was to include the beheading of the base's chief officer followed a direct order from a Syria-based member of Islamic State to "hit France", the Paris prosecutor said on Friday. The prosecutor's statement was issued after the interrogation of three suspects, including a former officer at the semaphore unit on the southern French coast. French authorities announced their arrests on Wednesday. The episode underscores the continuing threat to France from Islamist militants in the wake of January's killings by gunmen at a satirical magazine and Jewish food store in Paris. Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said the terror threat has never been higher.
In the latest case, the attack was due to take place in January 2016, although the suspects claimed during questioning there was no intent to mark the anniversary of the Paris shootings, the prosecutor said. "The three of them planned to kill the army officers at the site, behead the site's commanding officer, film the whole thing and then flee to Syria," the Paris prosecutor said, quoting the testimony of one of the suspects, identified as "Ismael K." It cited the former semaphore officer, "Djebril A.", as saying he had suggested to the others that the attack take place at the Cap Bear site close to France's border with Spain in late December or early January, "when surveillance of the site was lower"... Read more.