Published on 18 September 2019

Israeli Success Story - Tech it Forward : to take start-ups to the next level

In this new section, discover the beautiful Israelis success stories. Today, focus on Tech it Forward, an Israeli agency whose mission is to connect Israeli startups with foreign companies and investors. An attractive project and a growing success!

Today,  we feature Jennifer Elias, the Co-founder of Tech it Forward

Jennifer was born and raised in Rennes. Jennifer completed her double masters degree in business and law from Lyon Management School. After working at multinational firms in Paris and London, Jennifer decided to move to Tel Aviv in 2014 to explore the famous Israeli world of startups and innovation. Nicknamed the "Start-up Nation", Israel attracts many international professionals that aspire to take part of the Israeli innovation ecosystem as well as create and implement their own ideas and startups. 

Faced with the growing demand from foreign countries to learn more about the Israeli ecosystem and entrepreneurship spirit, Jennifer founded Tech It Forward with her partner Jessica Rosner in 2016. 


Crif : Can you describe to us what "Tech it Forward" does, in a few words?

Jennifer Elias : Tech it Forward's mission is to connect Israeli startups with foreign companies and investors, and help integrate collaboration and partnership opportunities between Israeli technologies and international corporations.

Based in Tel Aviv, Tech It Forward offers its international customers technology scouting and matching services as well as roadshow trips to Israel where they can meet Israeli innovators, startup founders and visit accelerators, incubators and VCs. Israel is considered the second Silicon Valley internationally, and embodies the most startups per capita worldwide!

We organize business trips and roadshows, bringing delegations from all over the world to discover the Israeli ecosystem, and invest or collaborate with Israeli startups and technologies. When delegations of foreign companies visit Israel, they have the opportunity to discover the country from a different angle while creating beneficial business partnerships with Israeli innovations. 

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Jennifer Elias & Jessica Rosner, founders of Tech it Forward

Why did you choose to start your business in Israel? Are you living the Israeli “startup” dream?

Yes! Working in Israel has been an amazing experience for me. I think there are a lot of opportunities here. People are open, accessible, and give a chance to those who want it. I like the pace and dynamism in Israel. It’s all about fast outcomes. I am humbled to have the opportunity to meet so many passionate entrepreneurs, and I love to see the positive and amazed reactions of the foreign delegations throughout their travels.

Your company works internationally, and allows many foreign companies to discover startups in Israel. What is the interest for these companies coming to Israel, what are they discovering?

Each delegation has a different purpose, agenda and goal. We welcome professional delegations in different segments, from foodtech to cybersecurity, e-commerce, intellectual property law, or even musictech! Each trip is organized according to the interests of the delegation and according to the goal, whether its investment opportunities, acquiring technology, understanding how to enhance innovation within large corporations or a learning expedition.

We organize for them a roadshow where we visit startups, companies, kibbutzim, and advanced labs where they can meet experts, entrepreneurs, and researchers. Through demonstrations, 'startup pitches' and interactions, they discover about the Israeli entrepreneur's culture and mindset as well as up-to-date technologies that can be relevant for their companies and brands.

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Do you host International students and young professionals via the Jewish Agency and other organizations?  

Yes! We work with the Onwards Israel program and we receive and train young students from around the world who are motivated to work with us in Israel and in the startup environment. They help us a lot, and we love to share with them our insights and daily experience.


To discover more about this agency, click here : Tech it Forward

Interview by Johana M.