Published on 28 July 2015

Jordan arrests suspected mastermind in 1982 attack on Paris Jewish diner

Souhaur Mouhamad Hassan Khalil Al-Abbassi, alias 'Amjad Atta,' one of three suspected in attack that killed 6, injured 22.

Published in Haaretz June 17, 2015
The top suspect in a 1982 terror attack in Paris' Jewish quarter has been arrested in Jordan earlier this month, the French prosecutor's office said on Wednesday.
Souhaur Mouhamad Hassan Khalil Al-Abbassi, alias "Amjad Atta," was the alleged mastermind of the attack that killed six people, including two Americans, and injured 22.
According to spokeswoman Agnes Thibualt-Lecuivre, Al-Abbassi was arrested on June 1, and France is requesting his extradition. She added that she could not say how long the process of bringing the suspect to France would take.
In March, France has issued international arrest warrants for three men, Al-Abbassi included, suspected of having been involved in the attack. One of them, Mahmoud Khader Abed Adra alias "Hicham Harb", 59, lives in Ramallah in the West Bank, and the other, Walid Abdulrahman Abu Zayed, alias "Souhail Othman", 56, resides in Norway, AFP reported... Read more.