Published on 25 January 2015

Solidarity from Jewish communities worldwide


Deeply moved by the many messages of sympathy received from around the world, from North America to South Africa, through Europe and Israel, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France would like to thank all communities who expressed their solidarity in these very painful times.
These solidarity messages were sent from around the world, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations affirmed the support of all American Jewish leaders. Regional communities such as Washington expressed very singular way their emotion. Paul Goldenberg, responsible for the security of the American Jewish community and the corresponding Department of Homeland Security, was in Paris to the side of SPCJ during these painful hours. The Jewish community of Canada has meanwhile appealed to donate for the protection of the Jews of France, noting that many members of the Jewish community of Montreal will have friends and family members.
The communities of Europe have also been very active in expressing their solidarity. Once the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, for example, condemned the brutality of terrorism, defending by its president Vivian Wineman, freedom of the press in Europe. The Board was also in contact with the CRIF while at after the tragic hostage of Vincennes.
Finally, many messages came from Israel.
The World Jewish Congress, chaired by Ron Lauder, attended, alongside the CRIF and all the French, the historical event of 11 January 2015 and the ceremony of the Great Synagogue of Victory in Paris.