Published on 1 July 2015

Statement on the climate crisis by the Conference of Religious Leaders of France

The climate crisis is a spiritual and moral challenge

1 July 2015 - The Elysée Palace –
As members of the Conference of Religious Leaders of France (CRCF) we are speaking out together to share our conviction that beyond technological, economic and geopolitical issues, the climate crisis is a spiritual and moral challenge.
It is first and foremost our relationship with nature and with creation as a gift of God that is at stake.
Having lost sight of its relationship with nature and its intimate relationship with all that goes to make it up, humanity has lost its way through its lethal domination and exploitation of the environment.
We are challenged to rethink the way we live out our relationship with creation and the environment. We are one. By destroying the environment, humanity is destroying itself. By protecting the environment we protect ourselves, we protect our neighbour and we protect the generations to come.
Our spiritual and moral conscience is challenged.
We are challenged to act for justice, to work for peace, and to prepare urgently a safe and viable future for our children, to leave behind the era of energy that pollutes, and to rethink our economic models of production and unlimited consumption.
We appeal for an upsurge in awareness so as to act consistently in favour of the climate and to question our values and our attitudes. We have to say no to egotism and greed. We have to be open to compassion and fraternity. Solidarity and the common good must be our compass. We need to persevere and value all positive action.
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