Published on 9 July 2015

Surge in French aliyah spurred by start-up nation

Unprecedented rise in immigration from France is not only due to security problem

By Roi Yanovsky published in Yeditot Aharonot July 7, 2015
The terrorist attack about a week and half ago, along with anti-Semitic incidents, has led many young Jews from France to express an unprecedented amount of interest in making aliyah. The main arguments are familiar, but there is an additional factor: many young people are skeptical about what the economic future holds for them in Europe in general, particularly in France, and they believe that Israel offers even better opportunities.
Last week in France, the "last call" conference was held by Masa Israel Journey, an organization which allows Jews from all over the world to spend several months up to a year in Israel and integrates them into Israeli society.
Data indicates that a majority of participants end up making aliyah. Despite the fact that the conference is limited in scope, usually because it offers "last minute" opportunities, an unprecedented number of young people took part - 400 men and women which one must add to the thousands who visited the conference about six months ago, a month after the kosher market attack in the Paris... Read More.