Published on 16 January 2020

We Remember - Join the international campaign for the Holocaust remembrance

For the fourth year in a row, Crif has joined forces with the World Jewish Congress for the #WeRemember campaign, which aims to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust around the world. The campaign started on Monday January 13, 2020.

Joint the We Remember campaign!

On January 27th, we remember the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. However, this day commemorated world-wide for International Holocaust Remembrance now takes on a new reality: one where soon the

eye-witness memories of the Holocaust will fade. This is why we need your help in keeping this memory alive.

This year might very well be one of the last times survivors of the Holocaust can join us in remembrance. And, once those who experienced first-hand the atrocities of the Holocaust are no longer with us, memory becomes history.

Therefore, it is crucial, now more than ever before, to educate against hate and against denial around the world. So that the memory ofhe survivors remains part of our greater collective memory.

However, alongside the duty to remember comes the duty to act. And this duty concerns us all.

World-wide, antisemitism is on the rise. We promised, 75 years ago, never to forget. Yet, the current climate and the increase of attacks on Jewish citizens across Europe speaks in our disfavour. We are currently at the crossroads of a fading memory and the rise of xenophobic, hateful, antisemitic sentiment. Now is the moment to reaffirm our pledge never to forget.

It is in this light, both to honour this 75th milestone and to address the current rise of antisemitism worldwide, that we have decided to re-launch the “#WeRemember” campaign. We encourage participants to voice their support on social

media, sharing pictures of themselves holding “We Remember” signs, and using the hashtag #WeRemember.

Through this online campaign, we hope to reach people around the globe, to educate, to honour both the survivors and those we lost, and to keep the memory alive.

Please have a look at how you, both personally and through your organization, can make a real difference. In the fight to remember the past, every supportive voice counts.

Only together can we ensure that “never again” truly means never again.


Take your photo with the message "We Remember" and post it on Facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram with the hashtag #WeRemember.
You can also send your photo to the following email address: