Published on 1 March 2022

Crif Dinner - The highlights of the 36th Crif Dinner

On Thursday February 24, 2022, the 36th Crif Dinner was held in the presence of Prime Minister Jean Castex, representing the French President of the Republic. Here are the highlights.

The 36th Crif Dinner took place on Thursday February 24, 2022, at the Carrousel du Louvre, in the presence of Prime Minister Jean Castex, representing the French President of the Republic.

For the third time, the Crif has chosen to hold its annual dinner at the Carrousel du Louvre, a place with significant republican symbolism. Nearly 1,000 guests attended this annual event.

For its 36th Dinner, Crif had the privilege of welcoming a number of personalities. Many government ministers as well as representatives of national politics; some thirty Ambassadors, including a large representation from the Arab world and the countries that signed the Abraham Accords; many representatives of cults; association, trade union, intellectual, artistic and economic representatives.

The evening was punctuated by speeches by Crif President Francis Kalifat, and by the French President of the Republic, delivered by Prime Minister Jean Castex, and by the presentation of the Crif Prize - Pierrot Kauffmann 2022, awarded to the Union of Deportees from Auschwitz (UDA) for its essential work in preserving and transmitting the memory of the Shoah, in particular through tools and initiatives dedicated to schoolchildren.


Before the start of his speech, Crif President Francis Kalifat spoke a few words about the current international situation and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. He affirmed his support for the attacked Ukrainian people and expressed his concern at the offensive launched by Russia.

Crif President then delivered a very committed speech, noting the significant violence and the too many acts of hatred experienced in France in recent years. Of course, he emphasized antisemitism and hatred of Israel, pointing his fingers at the United Nations General Assembly, its Human Rights Council, and even Amnesty International.


Immediately after Francis Kalifat spoke, Prime Minister Jean Castex began his speech, eagerly awaited by all French people. He delivered the speech planned by the President of the Republic, held in Brussels in view of the international situation.


Before the awarding of the Crif Prize - Pierrot Kauffmann 2022, Crif executive directorCrif Robert Ejnes paid a vibrant tribute to Raphaël Esrail, President of the Union of Auschwitz Deportees, who died in January 2022. He recalled his commitment to always for the memory of the Shoah and its transmission.

Crif President then awarded the Crif Prize - Pierrot Kauffmann 2022 to the Union of Auschwitz deportees (UDA). A sculpture made by Richard Orlinksi and representing a lion was given to Victor Perahia, Holocaust survivor, secretary general of the Union of Auschwitz Deportees (UDA). Victor Perahia was accompanied on stage by Elie Buzyn, Ginette Kolinka and Esther Senot, all three Holocaust survivors.


For its 36th Dinner, Crif is honored to have received the Prime Minister as well as all the personalities who responded to Crif's invitation. In such a dark context, and after two years without being able to honor this Republican meeting, this evening showed very strong national cohesion and a common desire to overcome the antisemitic scourge.