Published on 17 April 2024

Crif - Solidarity with Israel, hit by attacks by the Islamic Republic of Iran

From Saturday April 13 to Sunday April 14, 2024, the Islamic Republic of Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles against the State of Israel. This is the first direct attack carried out by Iran against Israeli territory. Crif shares its full solidarity with Israel.
The Islamic Republic of Iran launched more than 300 drones and missiles into Israeli territory during the night from Saturday to Sunday.
Hours after Iran announced the sending of the drones and missiles, the Israeli army announced that the majority had been intercepted. The United States, but also Great Britain, France and Jordan have provided aid to Israel and intercepted some of the drones and missiles.
On Sunday morning, the spokesperson for the Israeli army assured that the country and its allies had “foiled” the Iranian attack by intercepting "99% of enemy fire”.
A 7-year-old girl from a Bedouin community in the south of the country was injured in the head by shrapnel from an intercepted ballistic missile. She is currently in a pediatric intensive care unit.
During the night from Saturday to Sunday, President of Crif Yonathan Arfi reaffirmed his solidarity with Israel on Iranian attack drones and missiles launched towards its territory.
"Modern war is such that we know it is going to happen even before the enemy's weapons reach their targets.
Israel will of course be defended by its planes and its Iron Dome. But we too, in France, are now proclaiming our solidarity with the Israelis.
France must stand alongside Israel, which is defending itself against those who dream of erasing the only democracy in the Middle East. Full solidarity with Israel.”
The President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Europe Stéphane Séjourné also condemned in the strongest terms the attack launched by Iran against Israel.