Published on 27 September 2021

Crif/Rosh Hashana - A year of mobilization and commitment

On the eve of 5782, Crif expresses the wish to see this new year unfold in safety and serenity for all French Jews. We hope to be able to share many happy moments together, and - in the face of the important challenges that await us - to count on the mobilization and commitment of everyone.

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the New Year of the Jewish calendar, we send to each and everyone our best wishes for health, success, love and friendship, and gentleness.

The holiday of Rosh Hashanah announces both the end of a year, and already the coming year. It is therefore a time for reflection and assessment, and also a time to prepare for the challenges to come.

The results of the past year mix with the sweetness of the festival the bitter taste of a tenacious antisemitism which has once again knocked on the doors of the Republic. We think of the too many acts of anti-Jewish hatred that have littered and dishonored our streets and buildings. We think of the wounds caused by those who, in the name of freedom of expression, allow themselves to advocate and disseminate hate messages worthy of another time. We also think of those who persist in delegitimizing the State of Israel.

The too many antisemitic excesses of anti-health pass rallies are intolerable and we must never trivialize them. The shameful instrumentalization of history and the trivialization of the Holocaust is an insult to those who lived it.

A disagreeable feeling of habituation or indifference in the face of hatred has gradually arisen among both. This indifference must imperatively be fought. We must denounce the unconsciousness of those who do not commit evil but who do not rise up against it. Their silence endorses him, their indifference feeds him.

Speaking of Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi and Torah commentator Maimonides said: "Wake up, you who are drowsy, and think about what you are doing." This sentence could not be more apt. Our mobilization and our commitment will be essential in this year marked by the presidential elections and in the face of all the challenges that are presented to us.

More than ever, let's be together, engaged and mobilized for what seems right to us. We must never look away and give way to indifference.

The year 5781 was punctuated by the sometimes devastating hazards of Covid-19 and the health challenges that everyone had to face. Together, we are stronger and solidarity has guided our action. On this eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Crif addresses its sincere wishes for good health to all.

From this past year, we also remember the moments that brought us together around the universal values ​​of Judaism and the Republic: solidarity, fraternity, dialogue and friendship.

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, Crif expresses the wish to see this new year unfold in a serene climate and in security for all French Jews.

We hope to soon be able to share many happy moments together.

To the French Jewish community, Crif wishes wonderful festivals of Rosh Hachana and a year of 5782 full of sweetness.

To our fellow citizens, we wish a year of health, success and solidarity.

Crif also sends its best wishes to the State of Israel and wishes all its citizens a year focused on Peace and placed under the sign of health and security for all and everywhere.


To all of you, Chana Tova!