The CRIF in action
Published on 19 December 2007

Gadhafi in Paris: what we should not forget

In Lisbon on December 7, 2007, Colonel Gadhafi declared on behalf of Libya that it was "normal for the weak to resort to terrorism".

Libya has regularly used torture, even on the totally innocent Bulgarian healthcare providers, who were imprisoned in abominable conditions for several years before being released this summer, thanks in particular to France's action. It would scandalous for Libya, with its past record, to be put in charge of preparing the "Durban 2" conference. CRIF hopes that this conference will not be a repeat of the 2001 "Durban 1", which turned into an anti-Semitic meeting. CRIF asks the President of the Republic and the government to do everything in their power to prevent such a situation from reoccurring.

Libya does not permanently accept the existence of the State of Israel, as proved once again by Colonel Gadhafi's own son, who refused Israel's entry in the Mediterranean Union, the peace project initiated by France.