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Published on 28 January 2021

We Remember - #WeRemember : Learn from the past, protect the future

As part of the annual #WeRemember campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the World Jewish Congress, in partnership with the European Union of Jewish Students and the World Union of Jewish Students, have released a new Holocaust education toolkit for students around the world.

Published on January 26, in World Jewish Congress website

The toolkit includes a wide array of information, educational material, and practical guidance for hosting remembrance commemorations. While launched alongside the #WeRemember campaign, the toolkit will serve as a useful resource for any student who plans on hosting a commemoration event throughout the year.  

On the launching of the toolkit, Daniel Radomski, Head of WJC Strategy and Programs said, “Amidst a disturbing global trend of Holocaust denial and distortion, as well as an increasing number of young people today who do not have even a basic understanding of the atrocities of the Holocaust, this toolkit will be an invaluable tool for all who seek it.” 

“Together with our partners in EUJS and WUJS, we will continue to stand on the forefront of preserving the memory of the Holocaust and ensuring that future generations continued to learn and remember.” 

In a letter introducing the toolkit, EUJS President Bini Guttmann wrote: “’Never Again’ has to begin with ‘We Remember’. Only those who remember can learn from history. ‘Never Again’ is a mission for the future. ‘Never Again’ means action. This guide is meant to provide assistance in doing just that. It contains ideas and best practices on how to organize commemorations, both virtual and in-person. It provides tools to transmit the memory of the Shoah and draw lessons for today.”  

“It is the responsibility of young people to remember and protect. To fight for the promise of 'Never Again.' We hope this toolkit can successfully aid in this mission.” 

The #WeRemember campaign, which runs through International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27, promotes the importance and advancement of Holocaust education. Now in its fifth year, it has become the largest online Holocaust remembrance initiative around the world. To participate in the campaign, participants take pictures of themselves holding a sign with the words “We Remember,” and then post their pictures to social media using the hashtag #WeRemember, to spread the message that “never again” must mean never again. 

Click here to read the toolkit


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