Published on 2 April 2012

Terrorist killings in Toulouse and Montauban: CRIF activates its crisis room


From the first minutes following the tragedy of Toulouse the Crisis room of CRIF has been activated.Presence among the relatives of victims, public expression, organization or participation on various events, relations with public authorities, all leaders of CRIF's regional and national who have been involved during this period.

The links below are in french.


For Monday 19th march noon, the President of the CRIF was in Toulouse where he joined Nicole Yardeni, the president of the chapter “CRIF Midi-Pyrenees”.

Along with the public expression of CRIF at regional and national levels (click here or here) the CRIF attended Monday evening in a silent march organized by the French Union of Jewish students met with 20,000 people (here) and in a ceremony at the Synagogue de la Victoire in Paris  (here).

The next day a delegation of representatives of the Jewish community was received at the Elysée alongside Muslim leaders (here) to reject any "confusion" and any "instrumentalization" after the killings of Toulouse and Montauban. 

That day, the CRIF co-organized with the imam of Drancy, Hassan Chalgoumi a rally against fundamentalism (here) and spokes at TF1 news alongside Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Great Mosque of Paris (here).

On Wednesday, the President of the CRIF has sent a letter to the President of the french Republic (here), to express some thoughts on this tragedy.

Regionally, Nicole Yardeni participated Friday, March 23 at a ceremony in Toulouse (here) and Monday, March 26 at a ceremony commemorating the victims.

Sunday 25 March, the CRIF organized a large demonstration in Toulouse which gathered 15,000 people (here).

Ariel Goldman, vice president of CRIF spoke about the risks in terms of security (here), Meyer Habib, Vice-President of CRIF joined a delegation of MPs to Israel to visit the bereaved families (here) and Jean-Pierre Allali represented CRIF during a memorial ceremony at Ozar Hatorah school in Creteil (here) Sunday, March 25.

Other regions of CRIF have also been mobilized during this period; Edwige Elkaim was the guest of TV Grenoble on March 21 (here), Alain Belhassen, President of CRIF Rhône-Alpes has organized a march in Lyon that brought 1,300 people (here), and Albert Roche, president of CRIF for the region Bordeaux Aquitaine Southwest organized a rally (here).

CRIF also spoke through two press releases to share the upheaval of the Jewish community and report about Catherine Ashton.

Finally, the President of the CRIF was during this week expressed directly by the readers of the newsletter through an editorial (