Published on 11 October 2023

Crif - "Israel will win, and Israel will live!": Thirty five thousand people in Paris to show support for Israel

Following the Hamas attack in Israel, Crif has called for a rally of support for the Israeli people. On October 9, 35,000 people gathered to express their solidarity with the Israeli people and to pay their respects.

On Monday, October 9, joining the list of numerous mobilizations taking place around the world, Crif organized a rally to support Israel and Israelis against Hamas terrorism. Thirty-five thousand people gathered in Place du Trocadéro, Paris, to sing the Hatikva, Israel's national anthem, and the Marseillaise, French national anthem.



The march went from Place Victor Hugo to Place du Trocadéro to watch the Eiffel Tower illuminated with the Israeli flag colors.

A dozen ministers of the French Government, the President of the French National Assembly, and more than a hundred MPs as well as many leaders of the French Civil society responded to Crif's call to march in solidarity with the State of Israel.

Emotions ran high in the crowded square. The need to unite was vital for the French Jews, who could count on immense national solidarity.

This gathering was the largest organized in the world since the beginning of the war.Israel will win, and Israel will live!

Israel will win, and Israel will live!