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World Jewish Congress - WJC hosts forum for Special Envoys & Coordinators Combating Antisemitism (SECCA)

12 June 2020
On Tuesday, June 2, the WJC continued on this path and reconvened its forum for Special Envoys & Coordinators Combating Antisemitism (SECCA), bringing together dozens of officials from national governments and international organizations with WJC-affiliated Jewish community leaders. Crif participated in the SECCA meeting.

Crif - Zoombombing: a new tool is now available to report harmful unwanted users

20 May 2020
A few weeks ago, Crif President Francis Kalifat stressed Zoom France on the growing phenomenon of Zoombombing. To strengthen the application security, Zoom let Crif know that a new tool was now available to report harmful unwanted users on the video-conferences.

Crif - Francis Kalifat welcomes the French National Assembly vote on Online hate speech law

15 May 2020
Wednesday, May 13, the French National Assembly adopted the bill against online hate, brought by the deputy Laetitia Avia. One more step that goes in the right direction of the fight against hate on the Internet. Crif President Francis Kalifat explains why this Law is necessary.

Crif - Crif files lawsuit against French polemist Dieudonné

13 May 2020
On May 12, 2020, Crif filed a lawsuit against French polemist Dieudonné following two new videos posted on its YouTube channel. One of these videos notably features Simone Veil and the French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson.

Israeli Success Story - Way to Stay : the closest you can get to traveling

29 April 2020
In this new section, discover the beautiful Israelis success stories. Today, focus on "Way to stay", online experiences let you travel and meet people from all over the world without leaving home.

Crif - Covid-19 : How the French Jewish institutions face the crisis?

24 April 2020
Facing an unpredecented sanitary crisis, French Jewish institutions have decided to join forces to work as efficiently as possible. They have created he French Jewish Community Crisis Cell that works everyday to ensure safety and support to the French Jews. #StayHome