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#News - Press release from Security services of French jewish community after burns discovered on a rabbi's baby body

actualites | 23 February 2018
Before being relayed, information must be decrypted, analyzed and checked with the competent authorities. That is the way that Crif strives to work to deliver, every day, accurate, precise and exhaustive information. This is why Crif takes the time to check the details to provide you with verified information. Following the discovery of burns on the body of the girl of a Rabbi from Lyon, Crif invites you to read the press release of the SPCJ ( Security services of French jewish community) which invites first to follow the progress of the investigation.

#Israel - In Media: is israel on another planet?

revuedepresse | 20 February 2018
A team of six Israeli researchers on Sunday ended a four-day Mars habitat experiment in Israel's Negev desert where they simulated living conditions on the Red Planet.

#Israel - Hundreds of Asylum Seekers Go on Hunger Strike as Israel Begins Jailing Those Refusing Deportation

revuedepresse | 21 February 2018
Israel begins its deportation plan, imprisoning for first time Eritreans who refused to leave the country.

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Francis Kalifat speech at the ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Vel d'Hiv
"The strength of a Nation always lies in the the way it looks at its History and and its ability to teach it to future generations".

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