Published on 13 February 2017

#Crif - Francis Kalifat attended the Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony at European Parliament

January 25th 2017. Francis Kalifat attended the International Holocaust Day ceremony held by the European Jewish Congress, together with the newly elected President of the European Parliament Mr Antonio Tajani.

CRIF’s President took this opportunity to congratulate him and to talk with him about CRIF’s and Jewish French citizens’ concerns, on antisemitism, antizionism and rising of populism.
Mr Tajani enjoined people to remember « atrocious mistakes from the past » and to draw lessons to “build a future based on freedom, democracy, and respect of human dignity ». He strongly affirmed that « no Jew should be forced to leave Europe » and expressed his concern regarding the persistence and the rise of antisemitism in Europe and the concerns raised by the Jewish community.

Dr Moshe Kantor emphasized the need not to forget that « we, european Jews, want to remain in Europe, and count on Europe to keep on showing us its devotion to the idea of a future for jews in Europe ».
Beate Klarsfeld andTony Blair also made speeches. During the ceremony, film director Andrei Konchalovsky received the « european Medal of Tolerance », rewarding his work against extremism and intolerance, particularly his last drama on Holocaust « Paradise ».

Shoah survivors, leaders from the European Union, members of the European Parliament, Ambassadors, Presidents of Europeans Jewish communities, religious figures as well as renowned artists and intellectuals attended the event.

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