#Shoah - Poland's Shoah policy - precursor to a new Holocaust revisionism?

07 February 2018
A precursor to a new Holocaust revisionism?

#Poland - 'Poland Spitting in Israel's Face': Israeli Politicians, Yad Vashem Voice Outrage After Holocaust Bill Passes Vote

01 February 2018
Yad Vashem criticizes bill that criminalizes accusing the Polish people of complicity in Nazi crimes.

#Shoah - Don't Make the Mistake of Thinking Auschwitz Is History

29 January 2018
73 years after the camp's liberation, with nationalism and racism rising and our our democratic societies appear to be regressing, we must re-engage with the lessons of the Holocaust and ask ourselves if we've become apathetic to human suffering.

#WeRemember #Shoah - Understanding the Holocaust

25 January 2018
In approaching this most difficult of issues, we confront the very foundations of our lives.

#WeRemember #Shoah - The secrets of longevity and happiness by Ed Mosbert, a 92 holocaust survivor

17 January 2018
Ed Mosberg was born in Krakow, Poland in 1926. He survived the Płaszów and Mauthausen concentration camps. He lost all his family during the Holocaust. In this video, he tells us about the meaning of life and explains how he reached the age of 92.

#WeRemember - World Jewish Congress launches #WeRemember Holocaust commemoration campaign

08 January 2018
Crif is very happy to be part of this amazing campaign! The #WeRemember campaign will start January 10th on Crif networks! Stay tuned!

#2018 - Look to the future: what does 2018 have in store?

03 January 2018
From news and politics to sport, culture and fashion, we preview the events likely to shape the year ahead.

#World - ADL report: 67% increase in US Antisemitic incidents in 2017

03 January 2018
The complete picture in the US is unknown due to underreporting.

#Europe - Norway limits funding to NGOs which boycott Israel

27 December 2017
Norway follows in the footsteps of Denmark, cuts funding to Palestinian Arab NGOs promoting BDS.

#Europe - Menorah in Kiev desecrated twice during Hanukka

19 December 2017
A swastika was drawn on the menorah and a substance that looks like blood was splattered over it.

#Europe - In Brussels, Netanyahu Talks Up U.S. Peace Bid as EU Pushes for Bigger Role

11 December 2017
As the EU's foreign policy chief calls for a two-state solution, Netanyahu stipulates peace on a Palestinian recognition of an Israeli Jerusalem.

#News #Jerusalem - Trump annonces US moving Embassy to Jerusalem

07 December 2017
US president told regional leaders he intended to declare the city the capital of the Jewish State.

#World - Facebook says it is removing 99 percent of 'terror content'

29 November 2017
The social media network with 2.1 billion users is deploying artificial intelligence to detect posts from groups like IS and al-Qaeda

#Memory - A Powerful and Sadly Always Relevant ‘Anne Frank’ at Moxie Theatre

28 November 2017
Sad to say, “The Diary of Anne Frank” never goes out of style.

#World #Shoah - German Artists Recreate Holocaust Memorial Outside Far-right Leader's

24 November 2017
Bjoern Hoecke, who criticized Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, has previously said Germany should stop apologizing for its Nazi past.



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