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Published on 20 June 2019

Stop Boycott - Fighting BDS online with Israel's Digitell defenders

Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan presented awards to Digi-Tell representatives on stage.

Published on June 18 in The Jerusalem Post

At the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, special recognition was given to Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry and the DigiTell network for its pro-Israel online activism.

Established by the ministry last year, the DigiTell network consists of 100 bloggers and activists who have an on-line reach of 15 million people, communicate in five languages, defend Israel online, and combat BDS and antisemitism on a full-time basis.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan presented awards to DigiTell representatives on stage. Aviva Klompas, representing the bloggers, pointed out that while Israel recently celebrated its 71st birthday, 100 generations of Jews dreamed of a sovereign state in the Land of Israel. “Freedom is not free,” she noted. “Since its first day, Israel has had to defend itself from hostile neighbors.”

Explaining the power of DigiTell, Klompas said: “To do something that has impact, a small group of people had an idea to connect a global community of activists to tell Israel’s incredible story and stand against those who would delegitimize the state. We can amplify our voices because we collaborate.”

Added Erdan, “It’s often said that it takes a network to fight a network. I am proud of DigiTell. For the first time, the top influencers in the pro-Israel online community are working together to expose BDS lies, counter incitement, fight antisemitism and share the truth about Israel.”

The story was written in cooperation with the Strategic Affairs Ministry.

DigiTell? What is it?!

DigiTell is a network of digital experts created in 2018 by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs. It brings together a hundred participants around the world. Each of these participants is engaged at different levels in the fight against anti-Semitism and the delegitimization of Israel on the Internet.

Crif joined DigiTell in March 2019 participating in a 3 days Conference in Israel.
This year, the Jerusalem Post has decided to reward DigiTell with its annual prize. This award was given to participants during the annual Jerusalem Post Conference on Sunday June 16, 2019.

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