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#Opinion - The Emergence of the New-Left and its role in the rise of Antisemitism

actualites | 11 June 2018
By Ari Gold, student in History, Politics and Economics

#Crif - Press release following the decision to rename a street "Nakba Lane" in Paris suburb

actualites | 15 June 2018
On June 12th, Crif learnt about the inauguration of a new street name called Nakba Lane by the mayor of the city of Bezons. The street sign was accompanied with a second inscription in Arabic, as well as with a comment specifically qualifying David Ben Gurion of "war crimes". The President of Crif, Francis Kalifat immediately got in touch with the Chief of Staff of the Home Secretary. The latter contacted the Prefect of the Val-d'Oise department who sent a letter to the mayor of Bezons. The withdrawal of street sign was handled by the police forces who removed it in the afternoon.

#World - Atrocities Under Kim Jong-un: Indoctrination, Prison Gulags, Executions

revuedepresse | 12 June 2018
With the meeting of President Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea on Tuesday in Singapore, human rights groups are watching for Mr. Trump to bring up North Korea’s widespread crimes against humanity.

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Francis Kalifat speech at the ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Vel d'Hiv
"The strength of a Nation always lies in the the way it looks at its History and and its ability to teach it to future generations".

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