23 December 2014

Anti-Semitism in French public opinion – a study by Fondapol (nov. 2014)

<p><em>You can download the study below in a PDF format.</em></p><p>The study of<strong> </strong>anti-Semitism in French public opinion, published by the Foundation for Political Innovation (Fondapol) threatens to undermine attempts by the National Front to enter the French political mainstream. Anti-Semitism has little foothold in French society as a whole, but the study found a strong undercurrent of anti-Semitic feeling among the NF electorate.</p>

"We can say that French society as a whole is relatively unaffected by anti-Semitic prejudice, with four major areas of exception: the National Front electorate, French Muslims, supporters of the Left Front and videos on the sites YouTube and Dailymotion, where anti-Semitism is more visible than in other media," the director of Fondapol, Dominique Reynié, explained.