Publié le 28 Novembre 2018

Crif - Antisemitism in Europe : Francis Kalifat in Vienna with the European Jewish Congress

On 20th November, the President of Crif visited Vienna for an international conference on the situation of Europe in the face of anti-Semitism. During his visit he was able to meet with the Austrian President and the Chancellor of the State. Francis Kalifat also attended the Board of Directors of the European Jewish Congress.
In the wake of the 9th National Convention of the Crif, the President of Crif Francis Kalifat went to the Austrian capital to attend an international conference on the situation of Europe in the face of anti-Semitism and the security needs of Jewish communities.
This conference was organized by the Presidency of the Council of Europe, Austria, represented by its Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. Several panels were organized during which Chancellor Kurz, the Austrian Minister of Education, the President of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, as well as the representatives of European bodies took part in the discussions.
The President of Crif went to the panel exposing the Austrian proposal to adopt a European declaration on the fight against antisemitism to all member states. This proposal includes the adoption by the whole of Europe of IHRA's definition of anti-Semitism.
The trip to Vienna also allowed Francis Kalifat to meet and speak with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen. Chancellor Kurz was very determined and determined on the issue of anti-Semitism and assured Francis Kalifat of his vigilance with regard to the current situation.
In addition, the President of the Austrian Jewish community confirmed the existence of strong links with the Austrian government.
The objective pursued by the motion proposed by the Presidency of the European Council is entirely positive. Before his departure for Austria, Francis Kalifat had also met with Nicole Belloubet, Minister of Justice and Minister of Justice French about this motion and was pleased that France is one of the signatories.
During his stay in Austria, the President of the Crif attended the Administrative Council of the European Jewish Congress, in his capacity as Vice-President of the institution. The fight against anti-Semitism from a global European point of view and the question of the security of Jewish communities in Europe were at the heart of the Council's discussions.

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