Publié le 12 Juillet 2019

Stop Boycott - Canadian-American singer Paul Anka tells BDS supportes to "F*** off"

Anka will be performing in Israel for the 4th time. He recently performed in Israel in March.

Published on July 12 in The Jerusalem Post

Canadian-American singer, Paul Anka, told those pressuring him to not perform in Israel to "f-- off," in interview with Mako on Thursday. 

"I told them very delicately to f-- off," Anka, who is of Syrian and Lebanese descent, said with a laugh, "Can you say that on television?" 

Anka will be performing in Israel for the 4th time soon, Mako reported. He recently held a concert in Israel in March. The 60s and 70s legend said he received calls from people urging him not to preform in Israel. 

"I am happy to be back in Israel as usual," Anka said in the interview. "How could you not like it?"

Anka is a crooner, famous for songs like "Diana," and writing Frank Sinatra's hit, "My Way."

In the interview with Mako, Anka was also asked how the 77-year-old stays in such good shape. Anka recalled growing up and seeing Mafia men and people in Las Vegas drinking and not really taking care of their body.

"It's very simple," Anka said. "If you do things right - you got to live good, you got to eat good and you have to take care of your body."

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