25 Juillet 2019

Crif/France - French Government dissolves neo-Nazi group 'Blood and Honour Hexagone'

During 2019 Crif annual Dinner, French President Emmanuel Macron had committed to dissolve several extreme right movements. After dissolving the Bastion Social group in April, the French Government announced yesterday the dissolution of the neo-Nazi group 'Blood and Honor Hexagon'. Crif welcomes this decision, which shows the involvement of the Government into the fight against hatred.

The dissolution of the neo-Nazi group 'Blood and Honor Hexagon' was pronounced Wednesday, July 24th during the French Council of Ministers. President Emmanuel Macron had committed in late February, at the annual Dinner of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (Crif), into the dissolution of this movement but also the Social Bastion and Combat 18.

"Blood and Honor" comes from the British neo-Nazi music scene. 'Blood and Honor Hexagon' is its French subsidiary. "Blood and honor" refers to the slogan "Blut und Ehre" used by the Hitlerian Youth. They are Skinheads, wear tattoos and black nylon jackets and are followers of a sulphurous hard rock that puts forward the "white supremacy" in his lyrics.
In April 2019, the French Council of Ministers had already declared the dissolution of the extreme right Social Bastion movement, accused of calling for hatred, discrimination and violent actions.
Source : Huffington Post (with AFP)