Publié le 2 Octobre 2019

Crif/Press release - Jo Goldenberg terrorist attack in Paris: Crif press release following the revelations of the former director of the DST

On August 9, we commemorated the tragic anniversary of Jo Goldenberg restaurant attack, 37 years ago, located rue des Rosiers, in the historic Jewish quarter of Paris. Crif was present at the ceremony in honor of the victims of the attack. A few days later, it came to Crif some revelations of the former Director of the DST (the Directorate for Territorial Surveillance).

Crif press release about Jo Goldenberg restaurant terrorist attack, following the revelations of the former Director of the DST (the Directorate for Territorial Surveillance)*

August 12, 2019 in Paris

All the light must be done following the revelations of Yves Bonnet, former Director of the DST, on the circumstances at the time of the antisemitic attack on the Jo Goldenberg restaurant.

According to Francis Kalifat, President of Crif, "if these facts are proven accurate, they would be extremely serious and constitute an unprecedented state scandal". He demands "the establishment of an parliamentary inquiry and the lifting of defense secrecy".

Crif asks French President Emmanuel Macron to make every effort needed, at the diplomatic and judicial level, so that the terrorists responsible for this massacre, now refugees in Jordan, Ramallah and Norway, can be heard by the French judges.

*The former Director of anti-terrorism, Yves Bonnet, admitted to the judge having made a secret agreement with the Palestinian group of Abu Nidal to avoid further attacks on French soil in the 1980s.

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