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Crif - Sarah Halimi: Open letter to the Paris Court of Appeal General Attorney at the Paris Court of Appeal

24 December 2019
The Paris Court of Appeal announced on December 19, 2019 that the murderer of Sarah Halimi was not criminally responsible. Following this decision, the president of Crif, Francis Kalifat, wrote an open letter to the Paris Court of Appeal General Attorney.

Press Release - Crif reacts after the nauseating remarks of Mr. Mélenchon

17 December 2019
For Francis Kalifat, President of Crif, "the inadmissible remarks of a drifting Mélenchon eager for media visibility are inspired by a vichyst rhetoric of the Jewish conspiracy. Would Doriot be the new mentor of Mélenchon?"

Crif - An important Crif delegation for a Mission in Israel

06 December 2019
The 2019 Crif Mission was the opportunity for more than 60 people to meet leaders and to discover unknown parts of Israel. The Mission was lead by Francis Kalifat, President of Crif.

ConvCrif - Crif National Convention was held a few weeks ago in Paris

05 December 2019
For its 10th edition, Crif National Convention has offered dozens of conferences and round tables around the theme "A divided France: can we gather against antisemitism?".

Vote IHRA - World Jewish Congress welcomes French National Assembly's adoption of critical antisemitism definition

04 December 2019
World Jewish Congress welcomes the adoption of IHRA's antisemitism definition by the French National Assembly, yesterday, on December 3rd.

VoteIHRA - Crif President Francis Kalifat Op-Ed: “Fighting antisemitism: an important vote at the French Parliament”

02 December 2019
Crif President Francis Kalifat calls on the French Parliament to adopt the resolution to fight antisemitism.