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Palestinians reject Netanyahu’s call for direct Paris talks

Read in the news | 24 May 2016
Netanyahu has opposed the two-part French initiative, which he believes will simply dictate the outcome of the process and gives the Palestinians an excuse to avoid direct talks on a two-state solution.

French police car set on fire in Paris during labour reform riots

Read in the news | 20 May 2016
Caught on camera, the shocking moment mob of protesters surround police car during violent Paris protests before smashing windows and setting it on fire with officers trapped inside.

Suspect in 1980 Paris synagogue attack ordered back to jail

Read in the news | 25 May 2016
French court orders Hassan Diab to be sent back to jail, ten days after he was released on bail.

Alberto Nisman may have been forced to kill himself, says Argentine prosecutor

Read in the news | 24 May 2016
Nearly 18 months after Nisman’s death, authorities have yet to determine wether he took his own life or was killed by someone else.

Israeli wins Cannes student film competition

Read in the news | 23 May 2016
The film titled 'Anna' was created by Or Sinai who attends Israel's Sam Spiegel Film & TV School in Jerusalem.

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Ten Ways Israel is Treated Differently
It's appalling to see how Israel is treated by a totally different standard than other countries in the international system.

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La France et d'autres pays européens ont voté en faveur d'une résolution qui accuse Israël de "violer le droit à la santé" des Syriens.

Apparemment Campagne BDS France - Boycott Désinvestissement Sanctions contre Israël n'est pas très "happy"... on les comprend !

Cette conférence est organisée le 31 mai prochain par la mission permanente d’Israël aux Nation unies

#GUEST - Après les horreurs qui ont touché la France en plein cœur durant l'année 2015, Boris Cyrulnik a affirmé que "le peuple français a réagi de façon adulte et digne".

Interviewé par SUD RADIO en janvier 2016, le psychiatre et psychanalyste offre sa vision post-attentats et attire notre attention sur ce qu'il considère comme "une négociation constante (...), une transaction entre les attentats et la réaction des gens."

Retrouvez-le le 22 juin prochain pour notre conférence-débat. Inscriptions : #AmisDuCrif

Source : Sud Radio

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