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Paris Peace Conference on the Middle East on May 30, 2016. Press release of Crif

"The Crif recalls its support for a just and lasting peace that guarantees the non-negotiable security of the State of Israel and that will lead to the creation of a Palestinian state."


French Jewish leader calls for closure of main BDS bank account

The Jerusalem Post has uncovered the account with the bank of "La Campagne BDS France", wich targets Israel with economic warfare.

French government indicates giant bank violates anti-BDS law

President of Crif told the Post : "The boycott of Israel is forbidden by law” in France. The BDS France account should be closed".


A BBC survey about the Jewish community in France: "Never again: Fear and Faith in Paris"

Many international medias echoed the departure of Jews from France to other countries, including England.


French jewish official : jewish parents pulling children out of public schools to protect them from muslims

"Jewish parents are very worried and questioning the future of their children in this country".


Ceremony of the 73rd anniversary of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto

"The fighters of the Warsaw ghetto raised from the night to show us that there is always hope when we have the courage to say no."


The Egyptian Ambassador meets the President of Crif

"I can only agree with you on the importance of safeguarding the Egyptian Jewish heritage."


Crif training about the expression of anti-Semitism on Twitter

This training was provided by Marc Knobel, Director of the Crif Studies.


Fighting against terrorism and anti-Semitism: the Crif and AFVT put their expertise at the service of Facebook

The objective of this meeting was to build awareness and understanding at Facebook about the dangers of anti-Semitism contents on social networks.


Paris exhibit ‘opens doors’ to Israel

Israeli Innovation Day, featuring the best of Israeli hi-tech, opened on April 6.

Press Review

Minister Marisol Touraine officially launches medical France-Israel cooperation

Published on Israel Science Info April 10, 2016
Marisol Touraine, French Minister of Social Affairs and Health, currently visiting Israel, met with his Israeli counterpart, Yaakov Litzman, with...

Inside the BDS lions' den

By Adi Cohen, published in Yedioth Aharonot March 29 2016
I sat for a full hour, tapping my foot restlessly.I was in a small East London room that serves as the offices of the Friends of Al-Aqsa....

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