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I have zero-tolerance for anti-Semitism in my city, by London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Read in the news | 28 June 2016
As a British Muslim, I am no stranger to prejudice.

#Boycott - British PM Says Israel Needs United Kingdom to Remain in EU to Fight BDS, Iranian Nukes

Read in the news | 23 June 2016
David Cameron tells Jewish community event in London that 'Brexit' would leave U.K. powerless to fight for its Israeli ally.

Francis Kalifat invited to the FSJU général assembly

News | 28 June 2016
"We need to show strong institutions in their unity and complementarity."

After meeting Kerry, Netanyahu reiterates opposition to French initiative

Read in the news | 28 June 2016
Netanyahu said, however, Israel is in favor of working through “other frameworks,” perhaps with countries in the region.

Natan Sharansky: No future for Jews in France

Read in the news | 29 June 2016
The Jewish Agency's president made this declaration on Monday in Paris.

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Ten Ways Israel is Treated Differently
It's appalling to see how Israel is treated by a totally different standard than other countries in the international system.

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Boris Cyrulink interrogé par Frédéric Haziza

Democrats would declare that Palestinians "should be free to govern themselves in their own viable state, in peace and in dignity."

Le Président élu du Crif Francis Kalifat était l'invité de LCI ce midi.

L'affaire est prise très au sérieux.

Tarantino, who last visited Israel to promote his 2009 film, Inglourious Basterds, is one of a great number of exciting guests who will take part in this year’s festival.

Approuvée par 39 à 0 au sénat de l’état, la mesure interdit aux fonds de pension d’investir dans des entreprises qui boycottent Israël

Le chef allemand d'état-major, le général Wiecker a choisi des drones israéliens pour sa défense - Israël, Allemagne, Drones

Deux kamikazes se seraient fait exploser à l'aéroport Atatürk d'Istanbul provoquant la mort d'au moins dix personnes. Une quarantaine de blessés seraient également répertoriés dans un premier bilan.

#Ensemble - Le Père Jean-Baptiste Nadler avait expliqué dans un livre "Les racines juives de la messe". Du 12 au 17 juillet, il organise une grande rencontre - et même un shabbat ! - entre jeunes juifs et chrétiens à Paray-le-Monial. :

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