Editoriaux du président

Editorial of the president
Published on 3 December 2010

Benedict XVI and Pius XII, by Richard Prasquier, President, CRIF

Article published in “La Croix” on December, the 1st 2010
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Yom HaShoah - A time for remembrance

08 April 2021
Once a year, in Israel and all around the world, we commemorate "Yom Hashoah": one day to remember the 6 millions Jews murdered during the Holocaust. In addition to the official commemorative ceremonies, many initiatives have been organized around the world.

Crif - Paris city council adopts IHRA's definition of antisemitism

23 February 2021
On February 4, 2021, the Council of the City of Paris adopted the definition of antisemitism from the IHRA (International Alliance for the Memory of the Holocaust). Crif welcomes that decision.

Crif - Crif President meets new Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in France

23 February 2021
Appointed at the end of last December, HE Ambassador Fahad M. Al Ruwaily wished to meet Crif President Francis Kalifat.

Crif - Poll: "The perception of antisemitism in France", 3 main numbers

23 February 2021
On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the killing of Ilan Halimi, Crif commissioned a survey from Ipsos France around the following question: the perception of antisemitism, today, in France. We have selected 3 key figures to remember from the many results extracted from this survey.

Crif - Hyper Cacher 2015 terrorist attack: tribute to the victims

29 January 2021
A few weeks after the end of the trial of the January 2015 attacks, and six years after the Hyper Cacher attack, Crif organized a ceremony to pay tribute to the victims. Many public and political figures were present, alongside the families and relatives of the victims.

Crif/WeRemember - French Jewish institutions united to remember the victims of the Holocaust

28 January 2021
Crif President Francis Kalifat has invited the Presidents of the main Jewish institutions in France as well as the French Chief Rabbi to commemorate the International Day dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust. Together they took part in the global #WeRemember campaign.


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